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Your Custom Text Foil Balloon Banner | Build & Choose Your Own Custom Phrase Foil Alphabets | 16" - Golden

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Chat with our support executive on WhatsApp and get your custom phrase foil balloon banner booked instantly!

  • Make your party event memorable for lifetime with these amazing & trendy foil balloons. Comes in beautiful Pure Golden Metallic shade, these balloons are a  perfect addition to all the Indoor & Outdoor Parties & Events. Be it a Birthday Party, Bridal Ceremony or Marriage Celebration, these balloons are perfect to turn any place into a get-set-go party place in minutes.

  • Instructions to inflate: The package comes with a straw to inflate the balloons with Air. Insert the straw inside the valve and push air inside the balloons. These balloons support helium and can be filled with Helium too. Once fully filled, these balloons are self-sealing. These balloons can be re-used again after the event by removing air from them. These balloons stay intact for 6-12 months if protected from dirt & untouched.

  • How to Personalize: Count the total number of balloons in your custom phrase & choose the number of alphabets close the the exact required alphabets. Once chosen, confirm your order and send your custom phrase to the WhatsApp contact : +91-7696708707 along with your confirmed Order ID. 

  • Foil Balloon Size & Color: Each Alphabet & Digit is 16 Inches in height and Pure Metallic Golden in color.

  • What's Included: Chosen Number of Custom Foil Alphabets. 1x Straw + 1 x Ribbon
  • Material: Mylar.

  • Instructions For Helium: These balloons can be filled with Helium. Make sure to get the balloons filled with full helium cylinder and not a small cylinder (which is a mixture of 60% Helium + 40% Other Light Gases). Approximate float time Is 16-24 Hours.

  • Shipping & Delivery: All the Custom Phrase Foil Banner Set orders are shipped within 12-24 Hours after confirmation with Expedited Shipping Service.